Uzhgorod National University is one of the largest and best universities in the Carpathian region. It is located on the slopes of the Carpathians, in the beautiful student city of Uzhgorod, the westernmost regional center of Ukraine. Young University, founded in 1945, but in a short period of time has proved itself worthy in the scientific world, has become a benchmark, an alma mater for many generations of students who are now successfully working in both Ukraine and other countries of the world. A powerful scientific philological school has been formed at Uzhgorod National University, which actively researches issues of language, literature and journalism, known far beyond our country.

"Transcarpathian Philological Studies" is a scientific journal founded in 2018 by the Higher Educational Institution of Uzhgorod National University. The purpose of the publication is to cover and popularize modern scientific studies in the field of Ukrainian and foreign philology, to promote the scientific achievements of the country in the field of linguistics.

The pages of the publication analyze the current problems of different branches of philology, the latest methods of teaching languages and literatures of the world in the context of intercultural communication.

Current issues of Ukrainian language and literature are covered in the journal; languages and literature of foreign countries; comparative literary studies; general, comparative-historical, typological linguistics; translation and intercultural communication.

The editorial board of the publication carries out an internal review of all the articles that come to it. The editorial board of the magazine includes leading Ukrainian and foreign experts.

The editorial board of the Transcarpathian Philological Studies journal invites to cooperation in the framework of publishing scientific articles of doctors of science, candidates of sciences, young scientists (graduate students, applicants), as well as other persons who have higher education and are engaged in scientific activity.



Editor in Chief,

Zymomria Ivan Mykolaiovych,

Doctor of Philology, Professor

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